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This is the third and final 2008 retrospective podcast. There are still plenty of things that didn’t get in, but between episodes 23, 24, and 25, you have a pretty accurate summary of where my taste in new releases has been in the past year. This is a double-sized episode, clocking in at just a little bit over two hours. Enjoy.

Electric Six “Flashy Man”
Marnie Stern “Ruler”
Love Is All “Sea Sick”
Women “Black Rice”
Deerhunter “Never Stops”
School of Language “Extended Holiday”
The Week That Was “The Story Waits For No One”
Goldfrapp “A&E”
Rose Elinor Dougall “Another Version Of Pop Song”
She & Him “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”
Obi Best “What It’s Not”
The Long Blondes “The Couples”
Britta Persson “At 7”
The Do “At Last”
Wire “One Of Us”
R.E.M. “Mr. Richards”
Destroyer “The State”
Be Your Own Pet “Becky”
Lil Wayne “Dr. Carter”
Murs “The Science”
The Roots “Get Busy”
Ladytron “Ghosts”
The Faint “Machine In The Ghost”
Little Pictures “I Wish I Could Keep You”
The Breeders “Walk It Off”
White Hinterland “Dreaming of the Plum Trees”
Wild Beasts “The Devil’s Crayon”
The Mountain Goats “Lovecraft In Brooklyn (Live on Fair Game)”
Pink Skull, Ghostface Killah, Spankrock, Amanda Blank “Crambodia (Plastic Little Remix)”
Estelle & Kanye West “American Boy”
Free Blood “Quick & Painful”
The Magnetic Fields “Drive On Driver”

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